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Tap into digital coaching to complement in-person lessons and accelerate your business.

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Why tap into
digital coaching?

In-person instruction is effective, but has its limits. It's hard for your students to retain everything you taught them and you can only coach one student at a time.

Digital coaching makes it easy for you to keep up with student demand and bring in more revenue.

How does digital
complement in-person?

Digital coaching enhances what your students learn on the range with you as it’s hard to get students to practice in-between lessons.

Plus, replicating content for your students gets repetitive and there’s no way to effectively deliver this information.

What is
Ikonik Golf?

Ikonik is an online platform built for golf coaches to deliver personalized and effective training for their students.

With Ikonik you can distribute content to your students, test and track their progress, chat, video chat, and build your custom content library — all in one place!

👋 Hey there –
I’m Coach
Brian Jacobs!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with golfers of all ages and skill levels to find greater enjoyment from the game I love so much. I’m based in upstate New York, but coach students from all over the country. I’m a Lead Instructor for Golf Channel Academy, recipient of the Western New York PGA Section Teacher of the Year Award, Horton Smith Award and Golf Digest Best Teachers in State Award for New York State.

A year or so ago, as golf saw a surge in both popularity and participation, I began to look for ways to easily connect with my students and keep growing my business. Ikonik was the only platform I found that was an all-in-one digital solution that did what I was looking for.

By incorporating digital coaching into my business, I’m able to accelerate my students’ learning and generate more revenue. I’ve built this Toolkit together with Ikonik Golf so you can learn how to do the same.

What's in the Toolkit?

This Toolkit includes exactly how I incorporated digital coaching into my business including how to:

  • Test out digital coaching with one student

  • Get familiar with digital coaching in 3 ways

  • Experience the true power of digital coaching

  • Launch a monthly program

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, just starting your coaching business, or just somewhere in between the two, this Toolkit will be useful to you.

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More income & less range time for you — better results for your students.

Ikonik Golf is an online platform built for golf coaches to deliver personalized and effective training for students.